Tenters Gastropub

Cocktails and more . . .

Drinks & Cocktails

We're delighted to share our passion for exceptional cocktails and drinks with you. 

Our talented mixologists have crafted a menu that blends traditional favourites with our own unique twists, ensuring a delightful experience for all. Sip on the Candy Crush, a playful and vibrant cocktail that combines fruity flavours with a touch of sweetness, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. Or perhaps you'd like to embark on a tropical journey with Coco Bongo, a luscious blend of Bombay Sapphire Gin, coconut syrup, and a splash of lime, transporting you to sun-soaked beaches with every sip.

At Tenters Gastropub, we believe that the true essence of Irish hospitality lies in a friendly smile and a well-crafted drink. So whether you're joining us for a relaxed evening with friends, a cozy date night, or a joyous celebration, our team is here to ensure that every sip brings a smile to your face.

To guarantee your spot at Tenters Gastropub, we recommend booking a table in advance. 
Book here or give us a call to secure your reservation. We can't wait to welcome you and create memorable moments together.