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Tenters Gastro Pies

Tenters Gastro Pies

Ever tasted one of our famous Tenters Gastro Pies?

We've got best range of Gastro Pies available for you to try, from our top selling Braised Beef and Veg to our Ham Hock & French Brie. All our pies are available on rotation in Tenters, so pop in and see what’s on today.

We have 7 pies created, packaged and ready in stores across Dublin, our pies can be seen in Mortons in Ranelagh and Lynams in Goatstown. More stores coming soon. 

You can also buy our Pies atthe bar by asking any of our Tenters Team.

Pies: Braised Beef & Veg, Chicken Curry,Chicken & Mushroom, Ham Hock & French Brie, Pork & Apple, Vegan Pieand Seafood Pie